Testimonials From Members

Diane Stafford -Chester, UK. (05/06/2008)
I love my million pound note - I see it every morning when I wake - as I have stuck it on my ceiling!

Heather Drummond
Am excited at the idea of having free "real ones" in return for passing on details to chums - which i would have done anyway! The 1Million note is all an important part of my move toward focusing on lots of financial abundance.

Lucie Storrs
I love my million pound note subscription. I tell myself that I earn 10 million pounds a month - imagine what that does for my sense of abundance! I tend to leave them in the hall for a few days so that every time I walk by, I see them and feel good. After that I usually give them away, as I love seeing the look on people's faces - and I know there's plenty more where they came from!

Beverley Alfred
Just to let you guys know that I received my 12(!) million pound notes very promptly, and when I opened the letter, I felt very millionareish! I have shared the abundancy with 7 others so far, and my sons and I now begin and end each day with "Morning/Goodnight Millionaire Mum/Son" ! Blessings and bonanzas of bounteousness (!) to you all, and also big love for the lovely magazine you sent me, keep up the goodness, love, light and giggles, Bev , Malachi & Reuben x SHALOM

Naomi Tewnion
Fantastic!!!! I had been feeling a bit down the last few days but when my notes came I really did feel great!! These are really great fun!!!!

I received my notes a few days ago and I am "rewarding" my team and helpful trades people etc; by handing them a note. These unique gifts are always well received.

Jane Clitheroe
Yes I did receive my 1,000,000 notes ..... you even sent me an extra one so thank you! I am enjoying having one in my purse alongside my Scottish 100 note given me last week as a bonus for a job I was doing in Scotland! And I am giving the others others out to be enjoyed by those around me. Thank you.

Philip Gaut
How did I feel when I opened the envelope? Well, before dealing with that one, I'll tell you how I felt when I heard the envelope slap onto the floor when the postman delivered it. I was lying in bed, contemplating the delights of the coming day, and wondering... will they come today?! As soon as I heard the sound, I knew it was them! It wasn't the usual dull flopping sound of junk mail. This was the solid slap of something that meant business. It just had to be millions of quid, and it was!